Safe and loyal media distribution to end user is key element for successful business ideas. Can we help you?

Master Control Room / MCR

There is also a hub for the distribution of video signals at the studio location. The control room is optically connected to all major cable operators, which enables a stable and reliable connection to pick-up points or the end user. Our services are intended for cable and IP operators, companies with local video platforms, hotels, shops and other VOD service providers.

Darkfiber connection

We provide professional streaming to different CDN platforms for end users. The advantage of such connections is reliability and stability even with a larger number of viewers. Depending on your needs, we can offer you:

  • HLS stream to FB, Youtube or your website
  • UDP stream (from point A to point B)
  • RTSP / RTMP servers
  • Other IP video connections
vimeo livestream

As the only production company in Slovenia, we are adequately equipped for online broadcasts from operating room, where sterility and workflow are especially important. You can read more about it on 

We can offer you advanced streaming with “call in” encrypted function.