We are the first production company with our own TV and web sales. In 2009 we started producing TV sales with show hosts and products presenters. After two years we established our brand name TV MARKET as we are still calling it today.

Video presentation of our products are produced in our own company, where we are also keeping them in stock. Products can be purchased via website or call center located in our office.

Showtec is broadcasting four adult TV channels. Linear TV channels with erotic content can be found at larger cable operators. We expanded our user experience with erotic products under our own brand name EROTIX. It can be found in Slovenia and worldwide.

The online store on the naravazdravi.si website primarily offers the option of purchasing printed magazines Nature zdravi or the option of concluding an annual subscription, which ensures that the magazine is sent to your address every month.

For those who prefer digital content, we offer the option of concluding an e-subscription for 12 months. This gives you access to the electronic edition of the magazine, as well as 1-year access to the magazine archive.


We offer end customers a modern and friendly user experience using advanced online technologies, payment services and delivery options.